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2.50 acres of fun is waiting for you in Los Angeles County, California

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2.50 acres of fun is waiting for you in Los Angeles County, California Description: You are sure to have unlimited fun with this 2.50 acres of paradise in Los Angeles County, California. L.A. County is recognized for its ideal weather and numerous attractions for every resident and visitor. You can spend your day strolling through Hollywood’s glamorous Walk of Fame, playing in amusement parks with the world-famous movie studio and theme park Universal Studios in Hollywood or some of the largest water theme park Raging Waters in San Dimas. You can also relax with the county’s excellent camping locations and beaches. What more can you ask for? L.A. County life is teeming with exciting adventures and activities, making it one of the most dynamic counties in the United States. Just 5.1 miles away from your home, you can explore Saddleback Butte State Park. This 2,995 acre state park may seem like it’s out in the middle of nowhere but during the spring months it is definitely worth the trip. This is perfect for wildflower lovers in Southern California. The park has a pleasant and easy paved nature trail that’s wheelchair accessible and a visitor center with varying hours with a water fountain. You can also head to the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve which is just 28.6 miles away. The preserve encompasses an area of more than 120 acres of uninterrupted desert landscape with nearly three miles of trails. It hosts regular Bird Walks as well as Moon Walks throughout the remote wildlands. During the Moon Walks, you’ll join local astronomy experts to stargaze and explore, as well as nature lead walks. You can also reach the city of Lancaster in just 24.3 miles of travel. It’s a popular getaway for its high desert surroundings. The city sits at the western edge of the Mojave Desert in the postcard-perfect Antelope Valley. This arid environment offers some exceptionally beautiful landscapes. Lancaster is perhaps best known by tourists for its seasonal poppy display. The surrounding Antelope Valley bursts into color throughout the spring months, approximately between March and May. As much as Lancaster is a popular place to visit for exploring outdoors, this city also provides vital cultural outlets with its exhibit-filled museums brimming with history. What are you waiting for? Call us now!

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