California Land Acres

About Us

We started California Land Acres with one simple idea: Make land ownership easy and affordable for regular people.

Michael Citron has been in the business of making money for his clients through real estate for years!

I took my experience as a real estate broker and supply chain specialist and put it to work to find overlooked deals on land. We take our savings and pass it on to our clients in the form of low prices and easy payments.

Not only do we offer exclusive access to listings not listed on the market, but you can also purchase land either outright or take advantage of our of seller financing.

Exclusive, Off-Market Listings

We purchase lots through a variety of sources at wholesale prices. Once we own a property, we list it here, on

Potential for Profitable Re-sale

The lots we purchase have been carefully chosen not only for their value, but for their potential for re-sale. Several of our clients have bought and flipped multiple lots at a nice profit.

No Credit Checks for Seller Financing

When you choose to seller finance  with us, you can be secure in knowing that we handle all the financing without doing a credit check.

We're Regular Folks, Just Like You

Michael Citron started California Land Acres because he wanted to share what he had discovered about buying value real estate. Our entire team is dedicated to helping "the little guy" build a legacy through land ownership.

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